About us

Founded by the two sisters Susy and Marta, entrepreneurs born in Argentina, where in their early 20s they already started getting involved in fashion, owning and operating shoe and clothing stores.

Later in the US, after living in Miami Beach and New York City, and working in the high-end fashion industry, they decided to express themselves through the art of jewelry and the unstoppable passion of completing a look with a unique touch.

“We believe in giving a woman an option to create her own style,  providing the right accessories to help discover themselves, because there is nothing like your own inner style”.

Samkas jewelry is the result of the perfect balance between a designer team and the intricately craftsmanship of artisans, a virtuoso group of artists working close to each other to develop the real spirit of a handmade piece.

“We welcome you and invite you to be part of the growth and development of our dream. The possibilities are limitless”.

About Samkas